Personal training

Personal training is a meeting alone with an instructor. The advantage of individual meetings over group meetings lies primarily in the fact that all work is ideally suited to the needs, requirements and capabilities of the client.
The joint commitment of the instructor and the trainer gives quick results.
Personal Pilates or yoga training begins with the
analysis of lifestyle, health and posture defects. The first meeting is the most important element of joint work, because only thanks to a thorough interview can the instructor properly plan the training plan using modifications of classic Pilates exercises, stretching, yoga and breathing exercises.
For even more detailed adaptation of the technique to the individual needs of the client during the training it is advisable to use yoga aids or machines or small equipment for pilates.
Individual work allows you to quickly
achieve your goals, whether it’s improving your overall appearance and posture, your flexibility and strength, or learning to relax to minimize stress.


1 person

first training – PLN 170

subsequent trainings – 1h/120 pln

Passes (1 person):

4 trainings – 455 pln (113 pln/1h)

8 trainings – 885 pln (110.5 pln/1h)

2 persons

1 workout – 180 pln (90 pln/1person/1h)

4 trainings – 810 pln (101 pln/1person/1h)

3 persons

1 workout – 240 pln (80 pln/1person/1h)

4 trainings – 1050 pln (87.5 pln/1person/1h)

Attention: classes cancelled 1 day before the agreed date (till 15.00) – 50% paid, on the day of training – 100% paid.

Dates of individual meetings are agreed with the leader depending on his availability.

Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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