Pilates is a system of exercises teaching conscious work of deeply hidden stabilizing muscles to improve posture and remove ailments associated with abnormal motor habits. The “side effects” of the work are: better flexibility, coordination, general improvement of the condition and appearance of the body and reduction of stress.

smoothness of movements
relaxation is the eight principles of the Pilates Method.

Control in Pilates is a movement fully conscious. While working we should know exactly what we are doing and why, which muscles should be active and which ones should be relaxed and what is the purpose of the exercise we are doing.
Breathingbroad, calming, involving more lung capacity than usual.
Smooth even fast, dynamic movement can be performed smoothly and gracefully.
Precision is a focus on quality, not quantity. We do not do many repetitions of each exercise, but we work with great attention.
Centering is conscious work with specific muscle groups. Before the movement begins, we tighten the deeply hidden stabilizing muscles, and only then the muscles that will perform it.
Routine to expect real results you need the habit of doing exercises. You can exercise for 20 minutes a day, but you should do it regularly.
Relaxation although Pilates exercises (performed correctly) are not light, after class we do not feel unpleasant tension, but we get rid of tensions from the spine and shoulders.

History of the method

Joseph H. Pilates’ exercise method was developed at the beginning of the 20th century in Germany. Pilates, sick and skinny as a child, was looking for a way to gain physical vigour. Not finding anything that would meet his expectations, he developed his own program consisting of 34 exercises.
After leaving for the United States, when the first Pilates studio was established in New York, the dancers became interested in the method, treating it as post-traumatic rehebilation. When Joseph’s client became the great Martha Graham, the success of his work was sealed. Today, millions of people all over the world practice Pilates, gaining health, strength and beautiful posture.