Marianna Gutterwil

Marianna – the founder and owner of the school. Art historian for more than 15 years dealing with yoga. She currently holds a Junior Intermediate degree in yoga from Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Puna, where she goes every year. Participant of many workshops with senior teachers, including Lois Steinberg, Rita Keller, Faeq and Corin Biria. Instructor Matwork Pilates. She studied Pilates with Australian presenter and trainer Bogna Janik- Forbes working according to Michael King’s method from Pilates Institute in London.
In 2005 in Cracow, under the guidance of Romek Grzeszykowski, I started a teacher training course. Since December 2008 I am a yoga teacher according to B.K.S. Iyengar’s message.

Małgorzata Gaik

In 2004, in search of a form of movement that would be fully satisfying for me, I read a book entitled “15 minutes of PILATES exercises for health and beauty.” After a few years spent on various forms of fitness, I decided that this is exactly what I needed. Soon afterwards I found myself in the classes conducted by Marianne with this method and… I felt at home. Pilates has become an important part of my life.
My habits
from the gym have been transferred to everyday life. They have improved its quality and comfort. Today they allow me to practice other sports better and more consciously.
This subtle work with the body, performed in concentration, gives surprising results and a lot of joy, which I am now sharing with others.

Natalia Rybska

She has been practicing yoga since 2013, under the guidance of Kasia Streit and Marianna Gutterwil, as well as participating in workshops. Since January 2016 I have been teaching a beginner group in Manomani. Since autumn 2016, she has participated in the Introductory II Introductory Teacher Training Course. As an active physiotherapist I have been interested in the human body and its work for years.
Yoga, like physiotherapy, first examines and exposes the weaknesses of the human body, then the insightful and patient shows the way and gives tools to work with them.
I came across yoga by accident, but I didn’t stay by accident. Learning from wonderful teachers I loved yoga, and thanks to yoga I also loved myself. That is why I remained faithful to yoga and Manomani. Struggling with yourself on the mat allows you to get to know your weaknesses better, but also to celebrate those strengths. It is a journey that is not always easy, but always pays off and never has a finale, so you can neither win nor lose. Therefore, every minute of practice makes sense and enriches the body, mind and heart.
Since I have also had the pleasure of teaching myself, I can see that yoga can be good for everyone and that each of us can draw from it what gives us strength in everyday life.
Both physical and spiritual.

Paulina Turowicz

“Yoga has grown into my life completely imperceptibly. I don’t remember exactly when I first got to the class, I was certainly still in high school. And so, from time to time here and there, before I looked back, I had already participated in regular classes. I was very lucky at the beginning of my yogic journey to find wonderful, inspiring teachers: Maria Kielar, Bartek Miklas and Marianna Gutterwil, for which I am extremely grateful to them. As time and age pass, my motivation to practice changes, but the joy I derive from every moment spent on the mat remains unchanged. I am currently participating in a teacher training program to prepare for the Introductory Level II exam. At the same time, I am taking part in workshops conducted by teachers from Poland and abroad.